An English bookshop in France

Beginnings 4: The bank account

We had opened a personal bank account on arrival in Montmorillon, but a business account was required. I had paid a couple of visits to the Montmorillon chamber of commerce and met with Jean-Marc Menu who proved extremely helpful. With his guidance we produced a cash-flow forecast using a matrix set up on his computer. The resulting 25-page document may not have borne much connection to reality, but it looked very impressive! I was also able to obtain a couple of detailed printouts setting out the rules and regulations for running both a second-hand book business and an antique business in France.

Armed with the cash-flow forecast I set up an appointment at the bank. I emerged an hour and a half later, having signed seemingly endless pieces of paper, with a bank account arranged and a modest loan being offered. The cash-flow had done its job!

The account and the loan would not be activated until I had registered the business so that was the next thing to do.

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