Alive and Well

Alive and well and living in Montmorillon

My friend Ruth Walton suggested that as well as recording some of the famous people who died in Montmorillon I should also reveal some of the famous people whose deaths have been misreported and who are in fact alive and well and living in Montmorillon. I have promised not to be too specific about their addresses which are all in the environs of Montmorillon and I have received the agreement of all those I write about that I can reveal their existence here. I am pleased to say that to a man (or woman) they avoid the Kindle and buy their books at The Glass Key in rue de la Poelerie. I am thinking of putting up a sign outside the shop stating: Some of my best customers are supposed to be dead.

Firstly we have the nearly late and very great Elvis Presley living here quietly under the assumed name of Cole. Elvis was a bloated, drug-riddled wreck when he was shipped here in 1977. He spent a number of years at the Maison Dieu getting himself clean and back to something like his former figure. If you are lucky you can hear him sing the occasional number at Kim’s bar La Terrasse in the centre of town. Elvis is a great fan of the crime novels written by Robert Crais.

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I thought I caught a glimpse of him by the Gartempe last week. I’m glad I was not mistaken. I’ll invite him round to listen to my Johnny Halliday collection next time I see him.

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