The Two Mice by James Reeves

Two Mice

There met two mice at Scarborough
     Beside the rushing sea,
The one from Market Harborough
     The other from Dundee.

They shook their feet, they clapped their hands,
     And twirled their tales about;
They danced all day upon the sands
     Until the stars peeped out.

‘I’m much fatigued,’ the one mouse sighed,
     ‘And ready for my tea.’
‘Come hame awa’.’ the other cried,
     ‘And tak’ a crumb wi’ me.’

They slept awhile, and then next day
     Across the moors they went;
But sad to say, they lost their way
     And came to Stoke-on-Trent.

And there it soon began to rain,
     At which they cried full sore,
‘If ever we get home again,
     We’ll not go dancing more.’

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