An English bookshop in France

Not dead yet – 8 April 2017


It was 8 years ago today that The Glass Key first opened its doors to the public. I chose 8 April as the opening day in memory of my younger brother David whose birthday it was; and the memories of his optimism and unflagging cheerfulness remain with me to this day.

The shop occupied the front room of our house at 8 rue Bernard Harent, but before too many years had passed I was able to move into the much larger premises at 7 rue de la Poelerie and here I remain and continue to offer a reasonably broad range of books in English.

To celebrate I commissioned a new shop sign and Pat Gregory produced something which pleases me enormously.  It is worth a visit if only to come and admire the sign.

Pets, and humans, are assured of a warm welcome.

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