A visit to the theatre

The theatre de la cité, Montmorillon

Last night we went to the theatre in Montmorillon.  Le Théatre de la Cité is a small (but perfectly formed) theatre in rue Champien in the Cité de l’Ecrit.  Seating capacity is around 60 and the theatre is run by Laurent Flodrops and his wife Cristal.  The programme last night was a concert by Presque Oui.

Presque Oui

Thibaud Defever sings and plays the guitar and Sylvain Berthe accompanies him on the cello, the flute and a number of other instruments.  The songs are deceptively low key and sung with a certain wry humour – I only wish my comprehension of French was better so that I could have grasped the full meanings and subtleties of every song.  The rest of the audience (all 58 of them!) were French and they clearly enjoyed every minute of the performance – much laughter and three encores attest to that.  You can find out more and hear a sample song at

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